Better Than Chocolate! Yep, Book Clubs Are Back!

2 Aug

Do you all remember the joy in Charlie’s face when he found the Golden Ticket?  Well, that’s how I feel today, because Scholastic Book Clubs is officially open again. The early-bird teachers will start shopping online, and they will activate online ordering for their classrooms. Parents and kids will haggle over which books they will purchase.  The first boxes will soon be shipped to classrooms nationwide.  And kids across America get to be a part of the book box experience all over again.

But, wait! What if you are new to Scholastic Book Clubs?  You should get started here.  And what if you don’t know which Club is for which Grade? You should click here. [Here’s a helpful hint: We often hear that teachers activate all of the Clubs, so that parents order books for their child’s siblings…hence more Bonus Points for their teachers—cha-ching!]

Okay, okay, we’ll tell you our favorite titles in September (you don’t have to pull any arms around here!):

Jen: Firefighter Ted—You’ve just got to love his endearing imagination.
Erin: Llama Llama Misses Mama — There are very few characters as endearing as Llama.  And this time, he’s going to school!
Trevor: Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin—I just love Tad Hill and his great characters!
Preeti: I have to agree with Trevor, Tad Hill’s Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin is so cute it makes me squeal!
Kym: Where the Wild Things Are —Aren’t they inside us all? Max confronts them in a very beautiful way.

Jen: Fancy Nancy Spectacular Spectacles—It’s Fancy Nancy.  Enough said.
Erin: Duck Duck Moose — He’s a moose who migrates to Florida! If you’ve never seen one, there are few things funnier looking than moose.
Trevor: Duck Duck Moose—I will have to go with Erin on this one…this book is hilarious!
Preeti: I think Panda Kindergarten is definitely the most adorable book in this year’s SeeSaw September!
Kym: Firehouse! — You can almost hear the fire truck zoom past you!

Jen: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Set—I’m cheating on this one and including the whole series, because come on, it’s a steal of deal! Plus WK5 (yes, I am on that close of terms with Wimpy) can be pre-ordered for only$7 from Book Clubs!
Erin: The Adventures of Ook & Gluck—Is there anything better than Kung-Fu fighting cavemen?  Dav Pilkey has done it again!
Trevor: George Brown, Class Clown: Super Burp—you may remember George Brown from a little series called Katie Kazoo. Well, now he can’t stop burping and he keeps getting in trouble. Can someone help him?
Preeti: Frankly, Frannie is a great read for any girl who has ever wanted to be a star! (I know I did :D)
Kym: Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #5: The Amazing Mexican Secret — Flat Stanley is the best kind of traveler: the one who loves to share his adventures! This time… in the lively and colorful country of Mexico!

Jen: When You Reach Me—This Newbery Medal Award Winner is a must-read
Erin: Dear America —I loved this series when I was younger (and it’s probably why I was a history major!) and I’m excited that a whole new generation will be reading them!
Trevor: Return of the Homework Machine—that’s right, Dan Gutman has come out with a sequel to the awesome first book, The Homework Machine. If you loved the first one, this one will not disappoint!
Preeti: I love Percy Jackson so I am super excited about Rick Riordan’s new series, The Kane Chronicles. The first book, The Red Pyramid, is full of myths and adventure!
Kym: The BFG — I dreamed of having a Big Friendly Giant as a friend so I could sit on his shoulders. Imagine the places you could reach and the things you could see from up there!

The Red Pyramid—Book 1 of the Kane Chronicles is NOT to be missed.
Erin: Besides the obvious choice (MOCKINGJAY!) I can’t wait to read Dark Life by Kat Falls.
revor: Dark Life – This new series is a can’t miss for Teens. I was floored when I first read it!
Preeti: I have to say Mockingjay – you know you’re all thinking it! What is going to happen to Katniss?? I can’t wait to find out!
Kym: Million-Dollar Throw – Have you ever felt like the rest of your life depends on this ONE moment? Nate does. It is no easy burden to bear for anyone, much less for a young boy.

Which titles are you most excited about?

One Response to “Better Than Chocolate! Yep, Book Clubs Are Back!”

  1. Michelle August 2, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    Last year when my son came home with the flyers from school we ordered lots of books.Last year he was in kindergarden and some of his favorite books from ordering was Nick Bruels “Poor Puppy”,Margery Cuylers “Skeleton Hiccups”,also he got some of his cartoon favorites books like Clifford,Spongebob Squarepants,Magic school bus and Dora.
    He also loves the games from one of his scholastic flyers one of his favorite games is “Matchbox math”.

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