Happy 10th Birthday, Honeybee!

5 Aug

Put on your party clothes and take out the apple juice!  It’s time to celebrate Honeybee’s 10th anniversary!  Since 2000, this Book Club catalog for toddlers to fours has really grown up.

Back in 2000, Scholastic introduced Honeybee as a once-a-year catalog that would cater to the youngest children.  It was designed for caregivers who needed the perfect potty training book or the latest Karen Katz lift-the-flap.  We soon learned that these books are exactly what people were looking for; each time Honeybee was offered, its books would fly out of our warehouse.  It was all too clear that parents and teachers still wanted more…

Pretty soon we were releasing a Honeybee catalog every month.  As Honeybee grew, so did educators’ awareness of the crucial development that occurs in two-year-olds to four-year-olds.  These early years mark a critical period in which children are learning to read, count and operate in the world around them.  It makes perfect sense that this special age group calls for customized learning materials.  And customized we would offer!

If you want to learn about construction, why not wear a Kid Builder tool belt that holds books shaped like hammers and screwdrivers?  If you’d like to watch the leaves change color, how about flipping the lift-the-flap in Welcome Fall?  If separation anxiety is your issue, it’s time to find the cut-out heart from Mommy in Pocket Kisses.  Learning is way more fun when you’re four and under.

As much as our hands-on books take the cake, we cannot ignore our standard (and very delightful) picture books.  The Goodnight Train, one of Honeybee’s best-selling titles, features a little train that carries its passengers to dreamland.  The Littlest Owl, boasting similar success, addresses the anxiety of a runt owlet.  One of my favorites, I Love You Little Monkey, talks all about the most important thing in the world: love.

In fact, most of the Honeybee books teach you about love and other important life skills.  There’s no better place to learn about anger management, calming bedtime rituals, sharing, eating well or overcoming fears.  Honeybee books even help grown-up readers.  It’s hard to stay stressed out when you’re reading a book called Wemberly Worried and learning how a little mouse cools her nerves.  And, of course, you’re always reminded of how much you love your mommy and daddy…

Whether you’re looking for love or just an afternoon of alphabet practice, don’t forget to check out Honeybee’s September catalog.  You’ll bee glad you did.
This post was written by our very own Honeybee editor, Julia Kleinman. Be sure to check out Honeybee’s September catalog!

3 Responses to “Happy 10th Birthday, Honeybee!”

  1. Eleana at 4:53 pm #

    Wasn’t the winner of the mockingjay pin supposed to be posted today????

  2. Eleana at 6:58 pm #

    Ok thanks!

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