Our Newest Obsession: Dark Life

18 Aug

With so many great series coming to an end this fall (Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, 39 Clues) many readers, including us, start looking for new series and books with which to become obsessed. Well look no further! The newest series from Scholastic that we here at Book Clubs are ecstatic about is Dark Life by Kat Falls, who is a former screenwriter and currently teaches screenwriting at Northwestern University.  We are so excited about it that we had to have Kat tell you about Dark Life, which can be found on September’s Tab, and have her answer some questions–take a look:

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Kat Falls, Author of Dark Life, posted with vodpod

Our Tab editor, Jill, also had this to say about Dark Life:

“I peered into the deep-sea canyon, hoping to spot a toppled skyscraper. Maybe even the statue of Liberty. But there was no sign of the old East Coast, just a sheer drop into darkness.”

The ocean has finally risen and now covers most of what was once the United States. While the rest of the country crams together in enormous skyscrapers on the last bits of remaining land, Ty and his family take off for the only open spaces left…on the ocean floor! This new life underwater is tough, and the only thing tougher is the people who live there. In a world filled with ruthless outlaws and corrupt politicians it’s hard to tell the good guys from the very bad, evil “I’m going to ransack your home and steal your land” kind of guys.

One of my absolute favorite books of the year, this book has everything. Nail biting, edge of your seat adventure, a touch of romance, characters you want to be friends with and a beautifully imagined world underwater that makes you wish, if only for a second that your home was covered in water.

For more on Kat Falls and to see our Scholastic Book Club’s Kid’s critics review the book, visit our friends at On Our Minds and check out what is on Kat’s mind.

2 Responses to “Our Newest Obsession: Dark Life”

  1. June Hans August 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    What audience is this book best suited for? Teens? boys?

    • Trevor August 19, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

      Hi June,

      It is probably best suited for boys ages 10 and up. It is not completely YA but it isn’t middle grade either. It teeters that line in-between. That being said, there is both strong boy and girl lead characters and I can see girls enjoying this just as much as they would Percy Jackson.

      Hope that helps!

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