SoHG: Even more winners!

23 Aug

Wow!!! We’ve had so much great conversation and discussion over the past few weeks, it almost makes me sad that the Summer of Hunger Games is almost over. Just a few quick reminders before announcing the two winners for the most recent giveaway:

  1. Be sure to check back tonight at midnight for the Summer of Hunger Games final installment where we discuss MOCKINGJAY!! To avoid spoilers, this will be on a separate page, so fear not if you have not read the book yet and are coming to read the other great content on Book Talk.
  2. We are giving away…wait for it…wait for it…13 of the exclusive Scholastic Book Clubs Mockingjay Pins! These pins are only available through Scholastic Book Clubs when you order Mockingjay on either September’s TAB or TeenRC clubs.
  3. Just a friendly reminder: Please don’t spoil the book for everyone else. The great thing about the Summer of Hunger Games was that, even though most of you were rereading the first two, nobody even tried to put spoilers in their comments for Catching Fire while we were discussing The Hunger Games. So let’s keep that up. Even Suzanne Collins wants you to avoid spoilers!
  4. Last but certainly not least, thank you! Thanks to everyone who has made the Summer of Hunger Games so much fun! We hope you had fun as well!

That being said, the two winners from Friday’s post are Jodi and Christine P. Congratulations! Like I said, come back tonight at midnight for what will be a lot of OMG-ing and great discussion!

Also, in case you haven’t heard…there is a video of Suzanne Collins reading the first chapter of Mockingjay!!!! Check it out!

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