Frankly, Frannie…Frankly Adorable

6 Oct

A while back we introduced Frankly, Frannie as part of the New Kids in Class for Lucky. Well, we are excited to say that we have yet another Frankly, Frannie available in October’s Lucky—Frankly, Frannie: Doggy Day Care! Here’s what our Lucky Editor, Caitlin, had to say about it:

Did you know that Frannie’s favorite dogs are Goldendoodles and Sheep Poodles? She also really likes Skeedaddles and Puffdoodles. Frannie is going to be a veterinarian, but not just any veterinarian—a DOG vet only. When Frannie’s Aunt Magoo breaks her leg, she needs Frannie and her family to come help out! This means that Frannie will have to take care of Bark, Aunt Magoo’s dog. But when something looks funny with Bark’s walk, will Frannie be up to the canine career she wants, or will it turn into a doggy disaster?

If that’s not enough, check out this awesomely adorable book trailer for the first book:

One Response to “Frankly, Frannie…Frankly Adorable”

  1. Bonnie A Wayne October 6, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    Love the book trailer!

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