And Now, a Mini Comic Con Post

11 Oct

Hello my fellow nerds and nerd juniors! Trevor and I were lucky enough to go to the New York Comic Con this past weekend. While we spend a day or two writing up our full report, we thought we’d share a few of the pictures we took to tide you over. (^o^)V

Needless to say, this was a highlight for us—this was one of the artists behind Cars AND Toy Story!

Then we learned how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Very secretive stuff, you understand.

It wouldn’t be Comic Con without a few Star Wars sightings!

A friend kindly volunteered to take a “I Am Spider-Man” picture (some of us are camera shy!).

These are just a sample of some of the amazing figurines that people showcase. Harry Potter (Trevor was pretty excited about this one, of course) and Iron  Man!

Lastly, we got some fun pictures of people who made their own costumes. Domo was particularly adorable!

As you may have noticed, there was a lot to see and take in! We heard a lot of discussion about graphic novels in the classroom and the history of illustrations in novels, and even got to listen to a great talk given by Scott Westerfeld. Stay tuned for the full report this Wednesday!

In the meantime, some food for thought: What do you think about using illustrated guides and graphic novels as teaching tools?

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