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The Real Deal: Editors David and Abby Preview Fall Titles

9 Aug

It’s back-to-school season, all right.  The squeak-squeak songs of new sneakers in the crowded hallways, the tap-tap dance of new lunchboxes on young knees, and the grind-grind of sharpened pencils wafts from the classrooms-school’s back (or will be soon!), and we’re looking forward to sharing in the enthusiasm of a new year.

We’re bursting at the seams here at Book Clubs, especially our editors, who think that this is the BEST year yet for children’s books in Clubs.  But with so many options, we know it can be hard to find the books that are just right for your child (or student). Will they be age appropriate?  Will they hold your child’s interest? Will they be the right reading level?  And this is where we love to help.  Our editors have worked tirelessly to hand-select the best new books of the year that will not only keep them interested, but will boost their reading levels and success in school.

Make sure you check out this video featuring two of our resident experts/all-stars/children’s book gurus, Editors David and Abby, to learn a little more about some of their favorite September titles.  In David’s words, “We’ve spared no effort to provide you with the very,very finest books that can be found on planet Earth in  Scholastic Book Clubs.”

Do you agree? Open up your Book Clubs September flyers (in print or online) and just bask in the wonder, the joy, and the genius of children’s books.  We have found an awesome selection of just-right books for kids across America, and we hope you think so too!

Mythology Meets the Modern World!

3 Aug

If you haven’t read Rick Riordan’s series “Percy Jackson & The Olympians”, this is the year to start!  Not only is the fifth and final book coming out in paperback this fall (exclusively from Scholastic Book Clubs!) but there is also a brand-new Camp Half-Blood spin-off trilogy being released on October 12, which will feature brand-new demi-gods and a few well-known characters from Riordan’s first series (more on that next month!)

The Percy Jackson series has been a blockbuster hit—#1 Bestselling New York Times series, a movie that was released in February—and teachers and parents everywhere have learned that it’s a perfect way to get reluctant readers interested in reading.  The series combines ancient Greek mythology with contemporary action so deftly that readers hardly realize they are learning along the way.  When we meet Percy in Book 1, he is a struggling student who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, or in school.  He’s been kicked out of every school he’s attended, and weird stuff happens wherever he goes. How could one middle-schooler have such bad luck?  The character is immediately identifiable, which makes his adventures all the more engaging.

Rick Riordan, who first created the series for his son as bedtime stories, was a middle school teacher and a reluctant reader himself.  He knows exactly what his audience is looking for, and the result is a series that will appeal to every reader – reluctant or not!

Recommended for Arrow and Tab level readers (Grades 4-7), this series is a must have for home and classroom libraries alike.  Just don’t be surprised when your 9-12 year old can’t stop reading – even at the dinner table!

“Boys Trail Girls In Reading; Can Fart Jokes Help?”

23 Jul

We know that the headline (from an actual article earlier this week) is controversial; we’re glad it grabbed your attention.  But now we want to know-how many farting noises will you put up with to have your boys grab a book instead of the remote?

Reluctant readers have turned the reading switch ON with the help of our friends Greg, Brian, Ook, Dan, and Ryan.* Granted, these may not be the studies greatest literary characters ever put down on paper, but right now, some parents are hoping “grossology” will help close the 10% gender reading gap (yes, have shown it to be this much) between the sexes.  So we ask the question to you all, “Boys trail girls in reading; can fart jokes help?”

We here at Book Clubs march by the drum of get ’em reading, get ’em learning.  Reading for pleasure and encouraging children to choose their own books that they can’t wait to read…well, that’s the first step in a lifelong love of reading.  And, at the end of the day, I for one will embrace the fart jokes.  Will you?

* Can you can name all of the titles of the works our friends have appeared in?