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We’re COOL Now (Clubs Ordering Online)

23 Sep

Book Clubs is over 60 years old, but we think we’re pretty COOL (wink, wink). That’s right, COOL (which stands for Clubs Ordering Online) and PCOOL (our parent version) help teachers and parents connect online. We still accept classroom orders over the phone or by mail, but now over 75% of all Book Club orders come through these online channels.

Online ordering gives teachers and parents an easy alternative to help kids get the books that they can’t wait to read. Through teacher recommendations, editorial picks, streamlined methods of managing orders, and the ability for parents to contribute books to their children’s classrooms, we hope it’s just one more way of making life easier.

But don’t believe us?  Believe a teacher! Brittany Begg Lee, a Teacher Advisor, is here to tell you why she uses online ordering.

Teacher Advisors: Our Eyes and Ears

16 Aug

Although we here in Book Clubs love to read children’s books, and some of us even have children of our own, we rely heavily on the teachers out there on the frontlines to help us understand the pulse of the classroom year to year.  We are so lucky to be able to work with these wonderful educators who are just as excited as we are about new books and finding new ways to use them in their classrooms.  This year, you’ll be hearing from a few of these “Scholastic Teacher Advisors” as they  review hot new titles, but don’t be surprised if they pop up on the blog from time to time just to say hi!

Here’s a sneak peek of two of the September Teacher Advisor Reviews that went up on our Facebook page this morning:

Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill

[Available in Seesaw September]

It’s fire safety week in Miss Mingo’s room!  This book introduces fire drills and safety in a unique and fun way. This would be a perfect read aloud for teachers to introduce fire safety or for parents to ease their child’s worries! This book is great for animal lovers as well because it gives fun non-fiction facts about the animal characters in the book. If your child loves animals or learning about school, they would love this book. Enjoy!

—Brittany Begg Lee, First-Grade Teacher

[Available in Arrow September]

Scholastic fans young and old would enjoy THE SLIGHTLY ODD UNITED STATES OF AMERICA if they (1) have ever dreamed of being a contestant on Jeopardy, (2) would like to meet Alex Trebek, or (3) could impress millions of television viewers with their intelligence. If only (2) applies to you, I can’t help you much. Try his agent? THE SLIGHTLY ODD UNITED STATES OF AMERICA reinforced for me what a great, sometimes zany, country America is. Continue reading