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Steve Brixton, Boy Detective!

11 Aug

When you think of the all time great detectives, certain names come to mind: Sherlock Holmes, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Steve Brixton–wait! Steve Brixton?! Who is that? you might be asking. Steve Brixton is the sole detective of the Brixton Brothers Detective Agency. And he is the main character in the Brixton Brothers series (which you can find in September’s Arrow and Just Right Reads!)

After solving The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity, Steve decides to open his own detective agency since his services are in high-demand. Granted, Steve is not the most astute 12-year-old detective–he is clumsy, has a knack for attracting trouble, and always seems to get his best chum Dana into all kinds of crazy situations–but with his trusty companion, The Bailey Brothers Detective Handbook, what could go wrong?

These books are hilarious, action-packed adventures that Middle Grade readers will love! I, for one, could not put them down and even LOL’d on the subway train while reading them. Enough from me, why don’t we hear about Steve Brixton and the new book in the series, The Ghostwriter Secret, from author Mac Barnett and illustrator Adam Rex!

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