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The Real Deal: Editors David and Abby Preview Fall Titles

9 Aug

It’s back-to-school season, all right.  The squeak-squeak songs of new sneakers in the crowded hallways, the tap-tap dance of new lunchboxes on young knees, and the grind-grind of sharpened pencils wafts from the classrooms-school’s back (or will be soon!), and we’re looking forward to sharing in the enthusiasm of a new year.

We’re bursting at the seams here at Book Clubs, especially our editors, who think that this is the BEST year yet for children’s books in Clubs.  But with so many options, we know it can be hard to find the books that are just right for your child (or student). Will they be age appropriate?  Will they hold your child’s interest? Will they be the right reading level?  And this is where we love to help.  Our editors have worked tirelessly to hand-select the best new books of the year that will not only keep them interested, but will boost their reading levels and success in school.

Make sure you check out this video featuring two of our resident experts/all-stars/children’s book gurus, Editors David and Abby, to learn a little more about some of their favorite September titles.  In David’s words, “We’ve spared no effort to provide you with the very,very finest books that can be found on planet Earth in  Scholastic Book Clubs.”

Do you agree? Open up your Book Clubs September flyers (in print or online) and just bask in the wonder, the joy, and the genius of children’s books.  We have found an awesome selection of just-right books for kids across America, and we hope you think so too!

Shhh… it’s September $1 Books!

22 Jul

Welcome to a very sneaky sneak preview of our September dollar books! We wanted to give you guys a sneak peak so you could plan ahead for Fall reading. Check out all the books you can get for just one dollar!

Dollar Books This Way

Scaredy-Cat, Splat!

19 Jul

Attention Fans of Laughter and Reading! Splat the Cat will be back on SeeSaw this September with his brand new, terrifyingly hilarious Scaredy-Cat Splat!

Splat charmed me early on in Splat the Cat. He had it all: he was big, black and fluffy, he had a mouse for a best friend, a red knapsack and was ready for school… well, almost ready for school. Then, Splat fell in love in Love, Splat. His and Kitten’s is a love for the ages and one that will, of course, last forever. I’ve always been a huge Rob Scotton fan, starting way back in his Russell the Sheep days – and as a fan, this newest Scotton title does not disappoint. In Scaredy-Cat Splat we get to hang out with Splat on Halloween, and there are more than a few mishaps. First he’s scared by a spider, then no one thinks his costume is very scary, and then he gets scared during Mrs. Wimpydimple’s ghost story! But when a mysterious furry creature with a giant pumpkin head shows up, will Splat have what it takes to stop being a scaredy-cat and be the bravest cat in school?

Just in case you are sadly unfamiliar with the hilarity that is Splat, rest easy and check out a book trailer for Love, Splat:

(Warning: May cause you to squeal loudly and cuddle the person closest to you.)