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Let’s Talk About the Costumes!

1 Nov

We hope you all had a happy Halloween! We got a ton of really great costumes from you all this weekend, but a few really caught our eye. It turns out several of you decided to dress up as some of our favorite November characters!

Of course, you all know that you will have Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth on your doorstep in just a few days…and no one is more excited than this reader!

In case you are among the few who have not pre-ordered this must-read of the season, don’t miss it this month on Arrow!

Our younger readers had to represent, too! As you can see, while Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious are dancing over the pages of SeeSaw November, they were both out this Halloween as well.

We couldn’t forget our animal friends, of course. Someone took a page out of Jennifer’s book and went as the ever-hungry Mouse from the If You Give a… series.

You can find Mouse and other favorite If You Give a… characters on Firefly November!

Thanks to everyone who sent in a picture! We wish we could have put them all up on Book Talk, but you can still check out the ones on our Facebook page!

Literary Halloween: When Imagination Meets Reality

28 Oct


A Bad Case of the Stripes

Halloween is a time for goblins, witches, and black cats—but it’s also a time for Harry, Matilda, (Fancy) Nancy, Katniss, and the Frizz.

Do you and your kids or students plan to participate? Let us know which characters you think will be popular this year, and which ones you hope to see. (Pictures of your favorite costumes or innovators are welcome…they’ll help provide inspiration!)

Personally, I’m thinking I’ll be “Mouse” from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…that way, I can carry around chocolate cookies (my favorite!) all night long.

What about my fellow Book Talkers?

Trevor: I wouldn’t dress up as this character, but it would be cool to see someone go as Ms. Frizzle.

Preeti:  I’m going to be Paddington Bear!


Remember, share your pictures with us to let us know how your students/kids are dressing up. Feel free to submit them after the big day!