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Mythology Meets the Modern World!

3 Aug

If you haven’t read Rick Riordan’s series “Percy Jackson & The Olympians”, this is the year to start!  Not only is the fifth and final book coming out in paperback this fall (exclusively from Scholastic Book Clubs!) but there is also a brand-new Camp Half-Blood spin-off trilogy being released on October 12, which will feature brand-new demi-gods and a few well-known characters from Riordan’s first series (more on that next month!)

The Percy Jackson series has been a blockbuster hit—#1 Bestselling New York Times series, a movie that was released in February—and teachers and parents everywhere have learned that it’s a perfect way to get reluctant readers interested in reading.  The series combines ancient Greek mythology with contemporary action so deftly that readers hardly realize they are learning along the way.  When we meet Percy in Book 1, he is a struggling student who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, or in school.  He’s been kicked out of every school he’s attended, and weird stuff happens wherever he goes. How could one middle-schooler have such bad luck?  The character is immediately identifiable, which makes his adventures all the more engaging.

Rick Riordan, who first created the series for his son as bedtime stories, was a middle school teacher and a reluctant reader himself.  He knows exactly what his audience is looking for, and the result is a series that will appeal to every reader – reluctant or not!

Recommended for Arrow and Tab level readers (Grades 4-7), this series is a must have for home and classroom libraries alike.  Just don’t be surprised when your 9-12 year old can’t stop reading – even at the dinner table!