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Virtual Catalog Tour

11 Nov

I don’t know about you, but I just looked at the calendar and realized that, OM-Goodness, it’s November 11! Thanksgiving is in two weeks and the holidays, like a 5th grade pop quiz, are upon us! Where does the time go? I have yet to even think about shopping—just the idea of it gives me hives and I have to go hide in a good book—and let’s not even talk about finding the time to actually do it. What is one to do!?!?

Books make great gifts and this year’s Holiday Gift Books catalog is overflowing with awesome gift ideas. I’m lucky. I get to work on the catalog and that means I know THE BEST books available this season. Yes, I know you’re jealous. But I’m here to help! We have so many great books that I, along with my fellow Book Talker, Erin, and Holiday Gift Books Editor, Sada, decided to give you an exclusive virtual tour of the catalog. We wanted to show some of our favorites and give you something a little more than what you see on the printed pages.

Books not only make great gifts, they make kids better readers. I remember getting Where’s Waldo?, A Wrinkle in Time, The Hardy Boys, and Goosebumps as gifts when I was younger and they definitely shaped me into the voracious reader that I am today. I hope you enjoyed the video and we’re also here to answer questions…so ask away!

If you want to look more at the Holiday Gift Books catalog, click here.

Goldilicious and More Favorites!

19 Aug

When I was younger, I loved reading about characters I could connect with and look up to – more often than not, these characters were little girls just like me… if a little more precocious. There was Olivia and Eloise, not to mention Madeline!

Now, there’s exciting news about one of today’s favorite girls (drum roll, please!) Goldilicious is finally out in paperback! In the third installment of Victoria Kann’s best selling series, we meet Pinkalicious’ unicorn, Goldilicious. Goldilicious high jumps, roller skates, and is always there for Pinkalicious – especially when she has to fend off her little brother Peter’s evil magic! You can find it on Firefly this September!

There are so many great characters for girls to read about and admire! In honor of Goldlicious’ paperback debut, here’s a list of Book Talk’s top five girl characters, in no particular order as we could never really choose 🙂


Pinkalicious has to be on the list, she’s just so cute! And who doesn’t want a unicorn for a best friend?

Fancy Nancy

This lovely fancy lady is an intelligent, sassy, and very imaginative girl. Nancy is très jolie, and très drôle. Did I mention she’s a great way to pick up some French lingo?


Well, you all already know that we here at Book Talk adore Ramona. She’s the classic every girl, though sometimes she’s brave enough to say what some of us could only think – and that’s why we love her!

Ladybug Girl

Ladybug Girl is always on a mission with her loyal sidekick, a basset hound named Bingo. Whether it’s playing in the forest, forming The Bug Squad, or conquering the ocean, Ladybug Girl can always make the most of any situation!

Ginny Fry

A bit newer to the list than the others, Ginny is an adorable first grader with a penchant for excitement. You can meet her in SeeSaw this September!

What would yours be?

Scaredy-Cat, Splat!

19 Jul

Attention Fans of Laughter and Reading! Splat the Cat will be back on SeeSaw this September with his brand new, terrifyingly hilarious Scaredy-Cat Splat!

Splat charmed me early on in Splat the Cat. He had it all: he was big, black and fluffy, he had a mouse for a best friend, a red knapsack and was ready for school… well, almost ready for school. Then, Splat fell in love in Love, Splat. His and Kitten’s is a love for the ages and one that will, of course, last forever. I’ve always been a huge Rob Scotton fan, starting way back in his Russell the Sheep days – and as a fan, this newest Scotton title does not disappoint. In Scaredy-Cat Splat we get to hang out with Splat on Halloween, and there are more than a few mishaps. First he’s scared by a spider, then no one thinks his costume is very scary, and then he gets scared during Mrs. Wimpydimple’s ghost story! But when a mysterious furry creature with a giant pumpkin head shows up, will Splat have what it takes to stop being a scaredy-cat and be the bravest cat in school?

Just in case you are sadly unfamiliar with the hilarity that is Splat, rest easy and check out a book trailer for Love, Splat:

(Warning: May cause you to squeal loudly and cuddle the person closest to you.)